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5 things you can enjoy when in Dallas

The heart and soul of North Texas Area: D-Town is always waiting for you with its arms open and is giving you plenty opportunities for adventure and entertainment. To make the most of this metropolis, we recommend arranging a limo ride and making some of these places your starting points:

The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

If you are interested in politics and presidential matters, this surely is a place for you! Here you can get a new perspective on things or learn a bit more about America’s 13th president. The permanent exhibit is detailed, and it will give you a chance to “walk a mile” in this president’s shoes thanks to Decision Points interactive scenario, which is a part of the show. The Oval Office is recreated marvelously. Freedom, opportunity, compassion, and responsibility are main themes throughout the displays, and they will make you think about significant events that occurred during the Bush presidency.

Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

Are you one those who find flower and plant life reassuring and soothing? If yes, stop by the Arboretum, bask in the beauty of ever-changing, well-manicured but again very natural surroundings. This could be a perfect spot for a picnic if you so desire, even if you didn’t bring your own snacks: There are a lot of little cozy establishments through the garden that would be happy to treat you to a delicious bite to eat. Plenty of activities are at your disposal such as herb garden with cooking demonstrations, concerts during the summer evenings and Pumpkin Village during autumn. Breathtaking flower displays are here all year long, so technically there is no bad time to visit this magical place, where science and fun become one. Don’t forget to pick up the map on your way in!

Dallas World Aquarium

You will come in expecting to observe sea creatures only, but you will get so much more from this enchanting place. Exotic birds, snakes, spiders, turtles, otters, crabs and plenty of other magnificent beings call this Aquarium their home. The whole place has a natural flow to it because of mature trees, flowers, wines and faux stone covering all the doorway. Prepare your walking shoes, because if you are determined to see all the lovely animals scattered around the Aquarium, you will have plenty of miles to pass.

NorthPark Center

For a premium shopping experience, visit this mall! It is the biggest one in Dallas, ranks as among top five shopping centers in the United States, and houses more than 230 stores and restaurants between its walls. Prepare your credit cards and cash for Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy’s and Dillard’s and many fine establishments with plenty of inventory to choose from. Visitor-friendly layout with spacious aisles, a top-notch theater reserved for industry’s freshest titles and a great food court warrant good times and fun opportunities to fill your day out!


Don’t you think it’d be a shame to spend a plethora of sunny days in Dallas indoors? You can have plenty of fun outside, too! For starters: Katy Trail is referred to a hidden gem of this city, which is a perfect lane for biking, hiking, walking, skateboarding or jogging. Safe, clean, and beautifully maintained, it is the perfect place to find multiple types of birds, squirrels, and interesting people on the way, enjoying their day off or lunch break.

If you are in the mood for a silly but creative photo-op stop by Dallas Cattle Drive Sculptures and Pioneer Plaza. Huge cattle statues that resemble a very lifelike (but fortunately static) heard are counted among all the amazing and unique pieces of art and make for the biggest bronze monument of its kind in the world. Giant Eyeball should be next on your list of silly but interesting masterpieces to visit. The owner of a hotel nearby wanted to build a parking on the land, but the state refused his proposal because “it would be an eyesore“. So, in a lovely, sarcastic way, he showed them what a real eyesore would be and a giant, bloodshot, eye was constructed instead of the garage.

These and many more interesting things are just waiting to be explored in D-Town. So, don’t hesitate a moment longer. Book your own private black car with BusinessExec and bask in beauties and curiosities that Dallas has to offer, worry-free of traffic jams or parking spaces. Let that be our worry!